The secret hack that finally gave Brits mayo at McDonald's.
Hellmann’s is the number one mayonnaise brand in the UK and has always championed the cause of mayo lovers. As market leaders, they go the extra mile to ensure that mayo lovers can enjoy their favourite condiment wherever they desire.
While mayonnaise is the most popular condiment in the UK, the major fries seller in the country, McDonald’s, does not offer mayo as a dip. Despite mayo's immense popularity, McDonald’s claims that "there's not enough demand for it."
In a bid to support the rights of mayo lovers, we decided to take a stand against this injustice, and set out to right this wrong. 
The bring your own days are over.
Though McDonald’s doesn’t serve mayonnaise as a dip, they do serve hundreds of other items. Among them we found The Mayo Chicken burger, which includes… Mayo. In all McDonald’s restaurants and the McDonald’s app, you can customise your Mayo Chicken burger and remove ingredients until there's only one left - mayonnaise. 
With this find, we launched The Mayo McHack - the hack that finally gave the UK their well-deserved mayonnaise with their fries at McDonald’s.
“Well played!”
Everyone loved the hack.
Well, almost everyone.
Mayo McHack is one of Hellmann’s UK’s most successful social campaigns ever, with an increase of social impressions of +842% and an increase of engagement of +320%. 
Hellmann’s brand consideration was up +46% and purchase intent was impacted significantly with a rise of +9pts and 72% agree that McDonald’s should serve Hellmann’s mayonnaise. 
And while some people might see the issue as a small one, the UK didn’t, as the campaign had an increase of +5pts of the UK agreeing Hellmann’s is trying hard to have a positive impact on society. But then again, mayo and fries is a serious matter.
On the negative side, McDonald’s weren’t loving it, which resulted in one (1) cease and desist letter from their lawyers.  
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