How do you get fans to enjoy beer and football without checking their phones all the time?
The World Cup really brings people together. But it’s also the single most tweeted event in the world, meaning people tend to spend a lot of time checking social media while watching. Swedish beer brand Norrlands Guld is all about togetherness, so we wanted to create an idea that helped people stay off their phones without missing out on the action.
An updated beer that doubled as drinkable social media.
We built a machine that scanned Twitter for the latest and most relevant World Cup tweets, and then printed them onto beer foam, using a malt-based ink. Thanks to a tailored algorithm beers were served within seconds, after first being posted on the Twitter platform. 
The technology was developed specifically for the World Cup to let fans enjoy the game phone-free, and was implemented at large sports bars around Sweden during the summer. 
Ironically, our social beer became widely shared on social media.
The Social Beer became the summer’s trending beer topic with record-breaking numbers in sales, likes and media mentions. Brand mentions in social media increased by 400% during the campaign, and sales went up by 31% - beating all expectations and making Norrlands Guld the best-selling beer in Sweden. 

Kylian Mbappé's goal in the 2018 World Cup Final.

Pelé's tweet on a beer only seconds later.

And then it made the news all over the world.
The campaign was covered by press on all continents and generated 375 million impressions.
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